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Kik vs tinder Why You Got Banned from OmegleOnce banned from Omegle your IP address will be duly noted preventing you from your usual antics on the service with a ban sticking around anywhere from one week to up to 120 days On the rare side if youve done something totally vulgar a ban can leave you in the dark permanently.Unless it was something blatantly improper you may be wondering what exactly led you to receive a ban in the first place.It could have been for several reasonsYou are Constantly DroppedIf the random strangers you connect with drop your calls or chatwindow pretty quickly Omegle will begin to get suspicious and think that youre trolling. If you arent trolling people but still get dropped often then thats just bad luck Being rejected is never fun and to think that a social service can ban someone for being rejected often will just add salt to your already inflicted wounds.Someone Ratted You OutAnother reason behind an Omegle ban could be due to someone reporting you. Be it because you said or did something offensive did something naughty or the reporter is purely toxic and gets a good kick out of bumping others off of the service there are infinite reasons as to why you may have been reported. Unfortunately Omegle doesnt do too much digging and are quick to go by the word of the reporter leading to a ban before you get a word in ed